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TPL: Take One

TPL: Take One

Well, well, well. Here we are at my very first blog post, and as luck would have it, introductions aren't really my thing. But we all know the importance of a good first impression, so let's start with a little background...

Like I mentioned in my About Me section, I'm a staff pharmacist at a pediatric facility in the Southeast, where I rotate among a few different areas of the hospital. My husband, T, and I rent a sweet little duplex in our dream neighborhood, and while we're currently petless, you can find me playing with every puppy that walks by (in a non-creepy way). Unfortunately, we both work a lot of crazy hours (long days for him, evenings and nights for me), but when neither of us is working, we love exploring our neighborhood, traveling, and doing all the normal double-income-no-kids activities we can.

I'm an avid runner, a ClassPass devotee, and if I haven't had my coffee for the day, you probably don't want to interact with me just yet. :)


Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get focused on why I created this blog in the first place!

Not too long ago--as in, exactly 2 years ago--, T and I were navigating the waters of a brand new marriage, pharmacy board studying and exam-taking for me, and the stresses of considering the mountain of student debt we had to pay off. We were semi-blissfully aware of how much of an impact debt would have on our daily lives, since the salary payout as a first-year pharmacist was more than any 26 year-old requires. And we had 6 months of the famed "grace period" to figure it all out! [As an aside, T was super fortunate enough to have all school expenses covered (masters included!), so the only debt burden we had to carry was mine. This is both great and tough at times, but that's a post for a later date].

Fast forward a few short months, and we were both helpless on our quest to repayment. Should we do fixed payments or pay-as-you-earn? What were our refinancing options? How much could we really afford to pay each month (hint: much, much more than we ever imagined) without feeling like we were living with no financial margins? And when the heck would we ever be done with student debt?

At the time, if there had been a resource to show us exactly what each of these steps looked like, we would have felt like the weight of the world had been lifted. Instead, all we got was spam-y websites advertising their own services or blogs stating their repayment plan was the only way.

Which is exactly why I chose to start The Prescribed Life.

Through this site, I hope I can ease the burden of researching your debt repayment options (since we already put in the legwork!), encourage others that student loans can be a thing of the past-- specifically for those in the medical field--, and provide other helpful ways to achieve financial freedom, without sacrificing on the fun stuff in life.

We'll talk a lot about student debt, but you'll also see parts of pharmacy life, cooking tips and recipes, affordable style, and budget travel talk.

So here we go! Let's do this thing!

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